ABAKADA-OFW is a compilation of thoughts and reflections of OFW’s life in their quest for the “Greener Pasture”. The author’s father is a former OFW and he himself is also an OFW, a product of the second generation of OFWs in the family. The author in his capacity as an OFW would like to find ways, share topics and ideas and/or information to its readers (especially the OFWs) on how we could better ourselves in spite of the sacrifices we endure in a foreign land.

Moreso, the site will share topics and ideas regarding financial literacy. The aim is to take advantage of our earning potential as an OFW and make this a conscious effort for us to stay focused.

Points to ponder:

  • Our real intentions why we decided to work abroad.
  • Balancing our homesickness versus the dollars we earn.
  • Be more productive and a channel of blessings to others (especially the needy).
  • Setting our sights for the future (personal and family concerns)
  • Achieve True Financial Freedom in the moment we decide to leave the OFW bandwagon.

“Hanggang kailan tayo magiging OFW?”  shall be a guide post question to enlighten us and have the emotional reason/s why we should definitely plan and finally escape the employment world (in the OFW arena).

Our country needs us. More than anything else, you and I, are amiss of our family’s lost opportunities when we should have shared it with them.

Forever is a long way journey with no end. Travelling without a road map is like travelling with no destination. Knowing our personal goals and ambitions while journeying the avenue of life away from our family and country should be a MUST!

Take charge of your life.

You are the BOSS!